As a central issue in our society today, the environmental protection plays a major role. Especially for us in rural areas, nature is omnipresent. Therefore, we strive to preserve our environment.

Disposable packaging’s in the food sector have almost completely been replaced by better alternatives. All jams and marmalades are made from fruit from our own garden or gardens nearby. Our salads and vegetables come mostly from our own garden, so no polluting transportation as involved. And we know how “organic” our food is.

We switched our lighting almost completely to LED light sources years ago. Motion sensors switch lights on only if it is required.

Where it is possible without reducing comfort, we can save water and thus one of the most important resources of our time. Warm water is heated with the help of the sun through a solar thermal system. Heat recovery extracts the heat from our cooling systems so that your shower water is at the right temperature. Only the additional heating is based on oil.

In terms of power we have done our homework as well. A photovoltaic system on the barn and guest house with an output of over 50 KWp has been generating almost twice the amount of electricity we consume each year since 2010. Since our extension in 2018, a photovoltaic system on the hotel roof has reduced our electricity requirements through self-consumption. We believe this represents a positive CO2 balance.

Unfortunately, our commitment to the environment is being blocked by the local community. The commitment to install a 12-hectare open-space PV system with e-charging stations via an investor in 2021 in order to save further resources was rejected.

In the midst of nature – we live with nature. The welfare of our environment is close to our hearts.


We want our guests, and ourselves, to feel save.

Since 2008 we have devoted more time to safety issues. And safety has many aspects …

Our mattresses are all provided with an allergy-protective hygienic cover from Atmotel so you sleep in a clean bed without giving in on comfort.

All rooms and flats have their own safe for our guests.

A modern electronic locking system offers you the convenience of being able to use our services with just one key card.

In terms of fire prevention, we have met and exceeded the regulatory requirements. Fireproof doors that could block your way are provided with a hold-open device and close automatically when needed. Almost all areas of our building are also monitored by a voluntary fire alarm system, which is constantly being expanded. So you can rest at easy and carefree.

We now also use modern video technology for your security without jeopardising your privacy in our building.